Security Officers

Ultimate Protection provides uniformed Security Officers for many venues such as Shopping Centres, Hotels, Government buildings, Hospitals, we also offer guards for any occasion, from an 18th or 21st Birthday party, Christmas parties, Corporate Functions to bigger event such as shows and concerts.

With so many incidents occurring due to intoxication and drug use or just plain anti social behavior many people are turning to Professional Security Companies to ensure that their function or event is not marred by poor behavior or uninvited guests. All guards are trained in the liquor license act.
In most states it is now a requirement for a liquor license, that licensed Security Officers be employed to ensure the safety and well being of the public.

Security Officers perform an important Public Relations role for many clients such as Shopping Centres and Reception areas, having a neatly dressed uniformed Security Officer on site often makes your customers and staff feel safer and more comfortable especially in busy areas where the threat of anti social behavior is present.

All our guards are fully licensed and trained in conflict resolution as well as control and restraint techniques