With Ultimate Protection’s 24 hour alarm monitoring service you are assured that your home or business is in the best possible hands if you were to be the target of a break in.

Our Control Room is based in Bundaberg and operated by Rechenberg Security, a company that we have a very close relationship and have the utmost confidence in the way they monitor all our alarm systems.

With direct access to the Control Room’s data base we can make any changes to a clients instructions immediately, no more waiting up to 24 hrs for changes to become effected.

The “Control Room” provides a 24-hour service utilizing some of the latest equipment and computer software available. Redundancy in power, telecommunications and information systems to four levels with State-of-the-art backup and emergency equipment reduce the risk of possible outages.

What this means to you is “RELIABILITY”

Unlike most multinational security companies “The Control Room” will contact our Patrol car directly.In the event of an alarm activation at your premises, the control room operator would contact our Patrolman directly and advise them of the situation as it happens, no third party response companies to contact, this saves time and gets someone to your premises quickly.

“The Control Room” can also provide welfare checks on any staff working alone at night or if staff are working in a mobile capacity.